South Padre Island Attractions

beach gulf of mexico

The #1 attraction is our Beaches. The city is only about 4miles long (so everything is close by) but from County Beach Access #6 you can drive 27miles to the Mansfield Cut.  Wide sandy beaches, sunrises, Resort Hotels and beach bars on the East side (windward side of the island). On the Bayside (leeward side of the island) sunset, shopping, Restaurant, Bar, Fishing Docks. Ramada is in the middle of it all.

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beaches at isla blanca park

ISLA BLANCA PARK , South of Ramada on the southern most tip of South Padre Island, is the crown jewel of the system. Over one mile of clean, white beach along the Gulf of Mexico offers abundant water front recreational facilities, and our beachfront facilities make the clear gulf waters accessible to all. New webcams with live views of the beach. One of the biggest parks in Texas, but also the best! Popular jetty fishing and surfing area. Just north of Ramada is Andy Bowie Park, and Edwin King Atwood Park.

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queen isabel causeway over laguna madre bay

The Bay, Laguna Madre Bay, the water way that runs from  Brownsville ship channel to Houston. Blue water, great fishing, water sports and sunsets are waiting on the bay (the leeward side of the island). This body of water will take your breath away. Go Sailing, Kiteboarding, rent a kayak, or Jet Ski.

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kemp raily sea turtle at sea turtle inc

Sea Turtle Inc. is just 2 blocks north of Ramada, meet Gerry, Alice and more. Spring is nesting season, and Summer is time for releases,  public hatchling releases are held at 7:00 a.m. at County Beach Access 3. Remember these dates are ESTIMATED… only the hatchlings can decide when they are ready to go! Hatchling season varies, depending on when the nests are laid. But usually nests begin hatching in June and the lasts nests are usually released in August.

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white bird over laguna madre bay

Photo is of a white crane, the neck tells the story. Learn more about past migrants, and see the birds, turtles, and yes the alligators of South Padre Island, TX.  There are  over 3,000 ft. of walk way and 5 bird blinds so you can stop enjoy the views and take your camera, South Padre Island is host to a number of birds all year (so there is always something to see).

The Birding Center is just 2 blocks north of South Padre Island Ramada.


dolphin of South Padre Island,tx gulf of mexico

Bottlenose Dolphins are native to the South Padre Island area. The Gulf of Mexico's warm tropical waters attracts dolphins to dwell near Texas beaches, primarily in bays, estuaries and shipping channels. Schools of Bottlenose Dolphins and range into the hundreds but are typically seen in groups of two to 15. Known as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquatic centers, Bottlenose dolphins show their intelligence and charisma in nature through their hunting capabilities and naturally smiley faces.

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port isabel light house

 Just a short ride on The Wave from Ramada gets you to historic Lighthouse square in Port Isabel, TX. For a small fee you can climb to the top of the lighthouse and see history come to life. During the American Civil War the Point (Port) Isabel Lighthouse was occupied by soldiers from both sides as a look-out post. After the Civil War, the lighthouse was refitted and returned to operation in 1866.

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whaling wall or wyland wall south padre island convention center

Just a few blocks for Ramada The title of Wyland's Whaling Wall  This magnificent mural takes up three sides of the convention center's walls. Wyland's purpose in painting these murals is to raise awareness to the dangers that these marine mammals face. Robert Wyland the artist was born in Detroit in the mid 1950's. He has become famous painting enormous outdoor murals of marine life on buildings throughout the nation.

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welcome sign south padre island,tx

On the way to Ramada this sign welcomes all to 34-miles of uninterrupted beaches, South Padre Island leads the Texas beach scene for all ages! From young and old and everyone in between, South Padre Island welcomes guests to this paradise in South Texas. Spend time on the beach visiting local restaurant, shops, and gift shop.

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boca chica beach new home to spacex

Ramada is happy to welcome SpaceX private launch site is a space launch facility being built at Boca Chica Village near Brownsville, Texas for the private use of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX).[4] Its purpose is "to provide SpaceX an exclusive launch site that would allow the company to accommodate its launch manifest and meet tight launch windows. Info from Wikipedia 

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sandcastle trail at louie's backyard

South Padre Island Sandcastle trails was start a few years ago. The trail is going strong and growing. You can see sample of the trail here at Ramada, Louie’s Backyard and the South Padre Island Visitors Center. The master that call South Padre home welcome other to come to our annual Sandcastle Days Event in October, and new this year a Sandcastle Festival in May. All year you can find castle at area business or sign up for a family lesson.


fireworks over south padre island,tx

Fireworks all summer on South Padre Island, TX. View the show on Friday night at Louie’s Backyard, Tequila Sunset, Coconuts Bar and Grill or on the Bay for the Murphy’s Law Isla Tours. And on Saturday night the show is on the beach at Clayton’s Beach Bar.  

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